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Outdoor Team Building Activity Ideas for Work Groups

You’ve located our list of the top adult-friendly outdoor team-building exercises.

Outdoor team building exercises are gathering and engagement events that take place in the great outdoors. Scavenger hunts, field days, and walking tours are some examples of activities. These activities are intended to improve teamwork and camaraderie while getting some sunshine and fresh air.

These concepts, which are the antithesis of indoor team building activities and are comparable to team building games and exercises, can foster more uplifting corporate cultures. Unusual team development exercises could be one of these suggestions.

Scavenger Hunt Outside

One of the most well-liked adult outdoor group activities is a scavenger hunt. To conduct a hunt, first make a list of clues, then decide where to hide them. The ideal distance between clues is enough for colleagues to sprint between sites without making the hunt take more than a few hours or wearing out the squad.

Give the group a specific period of time, like an hour or a week, to finish the challenge. Then total the number of clues that each team managed to locate, or reward the first team across the finish line, whichever comes first.

Camping outside

A great outdoor activity for a group is camping. Planning and cooperation are required when setting up camp. After tents are erected, supplies are acquired, and food is prepared, campers can come together to tell stories or sing, go hiking or swimming, or play outdoor games while huddled around the campfire.

Check out this collection of virtual campfire ideas in case of inclement weather or faraway teams.


One of the best outdoor activities for team development is hiking. You and your team can hike the trail, see the wildlife, and develop a closer relationship while admiring the scenery. Simply choose a route, bring lots of water, sunscreen, a map, and some snacks, and head out into the wilderness with your group. For team photos, feel free to pause at picturesque vistas.

Capture the Flag

The best place to play the cooperative strategy game Capture the Flag is outside. Every team gets a flag to hide from the opposing team. The goal of the game is to win while retaining control of your own flag. The game usually requires two teams, but you can also play with more than two teams. Teams are not allowed to guard the flags too tightly, and it might be difficult to search for the flags of rival teams without losing your own.

Bicycle Tours

Bike rides are popular outdoor activity for groups. While participating in this workout, the team can still talk while riding. Selecting a lovely route improves the afternoon and provides chances for group photos. During rest stops, feel free to play quick icebreaker games. The gathering can potentially come to a close with a visit to a location like an ice cream parlor or a bar.

Don’t assume that all of your teammates can ride bicycles. Make the outing optional and make the activity announcement in advance. Or, as the first part of the exercise, the remainder of the team can teach any non-riders who are interested in learning how to balance on a bike.

Outdoor Meal

One of the most traditional outdoor team activities is a picnic. Reserve a large open area, such a park or a field close to the workplace, to host the event. Next, provide picnic tables or instruct your staff to bring lawn chairs and blankets. Get your food last. You could either have the picnic catered and have everyone bring their favorite meal, or you could make it a potluck and ask everyone to contribute something.

To keep your staff interested during the excursion, organize games, pump up the music, and hold office competitions. Additionally, you can use the occasion to address the group, make company news, or present employee awards.

A beach party

One of the best outdoor activities for large groups is having a beach party. Rent a section of the beach to host your gathering. Alternatively, spread some sand in your parking lot.

Here are some party suggestions:

  • Prepare some tropical drinks and serve them with paper umbrellas.
  • Run a limbo competition
  • Make a summery music playlist.
  • A game of volleyball
  • Fill children’s pools.
  • Inflatable animals and floaties that are blow-up
  • Set up sand-painting booths
  • Use fishing nets and seashells to decorate
  • Set up a sundae bar or get an ice cream truck to come by.
  • Distribute sandals, towels, and sunglasses as freebies.
  • Create a photo booth with tropical backdrops, kooky frames, and props.

The dress code is flexible, allowing staff members to don shorts, Hawaiian shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and flip-flops. But since this is still a work event, it is recommended to stay away from speeds and bikinis.

Buddy Walks

One of the best outdoor team-building exercises for small groups is Buddy Strolls. Simply place teammates in groups of two or three, and then motivate these mini-teams to plan a walk for a certain day of the week. There is no set length for the walk. Team members should engage in conversation while walking, and you can provide walking partners with lists of icebreaker questions or get to know you questions to facilitate dialogue. This activity is advantageous for both parties because it requires less time and motivates staff to exercise more.

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