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How To Cancel Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness is one of the most popular fitness franchisors in the US, boasting almost 6000 members in a typical facility. It prides itself as a place for a clean and no-hassle workout.

Planet Fitness allows you to join their training facilities at the age of 16, with supervision from a guardian. There are membership plans where Planet Fitness allows you to bring a 13-year-old guest.

Planet Fitness offers some of the best facilities to train your body in the US, but it also has some setbacks. The most common occurrence in Planet Fitness is they sign up many people, and most stop visiting after a few sessions.

Today, we will look at how you can cancel your Planet Fitness Membership.

  • Canceling Membership In Person

You can cancel your Planet Fitness membership by going to the facility and filling up a cancelation form. There is no better way to end your membership with Planet Fitness than turning up in person.

You might think you can cancel your membership over the phone, but Planet Fitness does not adhere to that method. You must go there in person and tell the employees that you intend to cancel your membership. After that part is done, the employees will instruct you on what procedures to follow to complete your membership cancelation.

  • Submit A Cancelation Form

When you go to Planet Fitness in person, they will give you a cancelation form which you must fill in with some necessary information. This is the second stage of the cancelation process.

Since Planet Fitness requires you to pay the membership fees using credit and debit cards, you will have to produce the last four digits of your cards to initiate the cancelation process. On top of your last four digits, you need to provide all your personal information.

The personal information includes your name, date of birth, address, membership ID, phone number, and email ID. After you have entered all this information in the cancelation form, you can submit it to the Planet Fitness employees sitting at the counter.

  • Send A Cancelation Letter

Planet Fitness requires you to attach a letter with the cancelation form detailing your intentions to end your membership. The final step for canceling your Planet Fitness membership is to send it to their address using a certified mail service.

Planet Fitness usually gets back to their members a week after receiving the cancelation requests.

What Can You Do If You Don’t Hear From Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness ensures they reply to every query and cancelation request from their members, but there can be times when they might delay a response.

During such situations, you can call them on their official phone number and inquire why the cancelation confirmation is taking so long. This can happens sometimes, and it is good on your part to give them a reminder when there is no response.

If they do not take your calls, the last option is to go back to the gym in person and remind them of your cancelation requests. This will prompt them to cancel your membership instantly.

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